Do you Want to make and meet new friends? Or find that special person?

Do you Want to make and meet new friends?
Or find that special person?

This is the right place If you’re looking for love, romance or just friendship, there are thousands of active profiles on friends over fifty all ready for you to meet up today, why dont you join today and find that ideal match?

In times past before the internet romance was not really an option for the over fifties. Pensioners looking for love then found it very very hard indeed. there are today tens of thousands of ageing men and women seeking romance online.

Apart from the fact that our chatrandom gay was not all pink because he no longer made efforts, no more little attentions and lied to me for a yes and a no, we had been together for several years, we grew up together and we shared so much that I am still shocked that he replaced me so quickly, without hindsight… I hope your article is telling the truth, because I lost confidence in myself, in myself… I do not understand not how you can let down someone you loved for another, without trying to save your marriage …

I cut off all contact with him, it hurts too much and I want him to understand that I am not an object and that I am not at his disposal… I do not know if I want him to come back, because he broke something in my heart that will never be repaired… But I lost confidence in love…

Your article cheers me up a bit; I hope he will realize that our story was good and that he will feel the lack … For now, he is in canada and is returning in december … I hope that will click

I am sorry for what is happening to you and I thank you for sharing with us, with such sincerity, all that you are experiencing and feeling.

I’m glad my article relieves you a bit and I hope your ex will take a step back. It can also take a long time and some even have too much pride to admit that they made a mistake… I am telling you this so that you do not expect too much from this return because you never know what it can. happen in a person’s head.

I fully understand that your self-esteem has been hurt. There is mourning to do, if this breakup turns out to be final, and work to be done on you so as not to bring the cause of this story to you. It’s only natural that you feel guilty and feel like you haven’t been up to it. But your current emotions are distorting reality.

Thank you Camille for your very clear and very sensible answer. I slowly go up the slope; It’s been almost 3 months since he left me, so I’m starting to take a step back. The hardest part of this breakup is the feeling of injustice and humiliation: I gave everything for him, and he almost nothing. So to rebalance the couple, I gave even more and he less and less… It was the basis of our arguments, but he did not try to be more attentive towards me… It was I who was unhappy and this Yet it was he, the dissatisfied one, who put an end to our relationship… The first shock being the breakup, I did not know that a second even more important shock was going to happen: the other girl, not even 2 weeks… How is it possible to get back together so quickly with someone he supposedly didn’t know? This feeling of having been replaced is worse than the rupture, knowing that I only had false excuses to justify it… The impression of having been deceived too, because in such a short time, I tell myself that he necessarily knew her from before… I don’t know what to think anymore…

I am gradually mourning this toxic relationship, but it is not easy, especially when we keep in touch with the family who appreciates us enormously … But I feel that my recovery remains suspended, pending his return to France and a possible click, when the memories will jump to his throat … And yet, I know that nothing is possible between the two of us, so I do not understand why my brain and my heart remain blocked on a possible return since I know it’s fucked up …

I understand that you still have hope and it takes time to go away. We need to be very clear about our reasons for never starting this relationship again in order to let go. I also wanted to tell you to preserve yourself in relation to the relationship you have with his family. It might do you more harm than good, at least right now, and even if they’re very caring.

These were the two points I wanted to highlight because it seems important to me.

So, the slippers, pipe and rocking chair take a back seat while you can now build a meaningful new relationship on friends over fifty.

More and more people in this age group, according to the latest poll are regularly visiting online dating services and chat rooms.


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