Q. Why don’t people upload a photo of themselves?

A. A lot of people looking for online dating sites come across sites like ours offering Free registrations. Many of these Free registrations don’t get as far as adding a photo or updating thier profile. They join, have a look around and then leave. When searching you can set the search to only display members who have photo’s, this way you know that everyone you see is active on the site and wants to be contacted.

Q. If I don’t have a photo can you do it for me?

A. Yes, login to your account and you can find details of our photo uploading service.

Q. Can I stop all the messages and winks notifications that I get from FriendsorMates?

A. Yes, login to your account and you can switch off the e-mails. Be sure to check your account on a regular basis tho’ just in case you get a response!

Q. How safe is my information on FriendsorMates?

A. Very safe! You remain completely anonymous until you’re ready to be contacted. Additionally the site is ‘Hacker Safe’ which means that your personal information is very very safe with us.

Q. Why do I get messages from people who all seem to be located -1 mile away from me?

A. In order to work out distances correctly, the system needs to know where everyone is located and it does this by using the postcode. Unfortunately, many people do not enter their post code when they complete their profile. This leaves the system unable to calculate the distance. So if either you or the person messaging you has not entered their post code into their profile, the system will default to -1 miles.

Incidentally, the post code cannot be seen by the public and there’s absolutely no danger to the user in completing it and it really will help get you found.

Q. Do I need to upgrade to send messages?

A. Yes you will need to upgrade via the payments page, the payments page is completely secure and easy to follow. Upgrading will allow you to send an unlimited number of messages to members of your choice, so you can really make the most of your membership.


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